Addie's TAR: DC design is the The Amazing Race route design of Addie for the Amazing Race: Design Challenge III on the RFF Game Boards. 


 Development and ProductionEdit

This season spanned 50,000 miles, while racing, for the first time since The Amazing Race 5, across six continents, 12 countries and 32 cities, with a first time visit to the South Pacific island of Samoa. Other newly visited countries were Venezuela, Gabon and Laos. Teams who raced the length would find themselves in all the biosystems of the world, from the Andes mountains to the tropical jungles of Africa from icy, snowy Finish Lapland to the heat of the Australian Outback. Along the race course, teams feast in gallons of ice cream as they visit a Guinness World

The yards of the Ancient Spanish Monastery were the Starting Line of the race.

Record ice cream parlor, race against locals on ostriches in South Africa and pay a visit to the Santa Claus. 

Filming began on November 28, 2013, with the starting line at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami, making this the first season since The Amazing Race 17, to not start in Los Angeles, and ended on  ..


The cast feautures teams of RFF games in the year 2012. It features, aerospace engineers, sisters-in-law, dating billionaires and several other teams.


Team Relationship Position (by leg)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Ciaran & Alana Getting Married On And Off 9th 8th5 7th8 6th 6th 6th 6th 5th 5th16 2nd19 2nd25 1st
Pierre & Adam Models 1st 1st 2nd4 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd16 1st 1st 2nd24
Brooke & Hope Mother & Daughter 10th 9th2 8th9 7th 7th 7th11 7th13 6th 1st16 4th20 3rd21 3rd23
Taylor & Carrie Country Singers 6th1 4th 5th 4th10 3rd 4th 3rd 4th 3rd16 3rd18 4th
Sharon & Bernhard Dating Billionaires 7th1 5th 6th 5th10 4th 3rd 4th14 3rd 4th16 5th18
Peyton & Andrew Dating Long Distance 3rd 2nd 1st 2ndƒ 2nd 2nd12 2nd 2nd 6th1617
Parvati & Gaby Sisters-in-Law 2nd 6th 4th 3rd 3rd 5th 5th 7th15
Rococo & Vienna Aerospace Engineers 4th 7th 3rd 8th
Alexa & Karina Best Friends 8th 10th 9thƒ
Caroline & Amberlyn School Lunchladies 5th 10th3
Monica & Tatiana Former Models 11th
  • red team placement means the team was eliminated.
  • green ƒ indicates that the team won a Fast Forward. If placed next to a leg number, this indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • purple ε indicates that the team decided to use the Express Pass on that leg.
  • An underlined blue team's placement indicates that the team came in last on a non-elimination leg & had to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race.
  • brown ⊃ or a cyan ⋑ indicates that the team chose to use one of the two U-Turns in a Double U-Turn;  or  indicates the team who received it. Brown  around a leg number indicates a leg in which a Double U-Turn was available but was not used. Cyan  around a leg number indicates a leg in which one U-Turn was available but was not used.
  • yellow > indicates that the team chose to use the Yield; < indicates the team who received it. <> around a leg number indicates a leg in which a Yield was available but was not used.
  • An underlined leg number indicates that there was no mandatory rest period at the Pit Stop and all teams were ordered to continue racing. The first place team was still awarded a prize for that leg.

  1. ^ Sharon & Bernhard initially arrived before Taylor & Carrie, however, cause she'd pushed Taylor away from the Pitstop mat and used inappropriate language, they dropped down to 7th.
  2. ^ Brooke refused to complete the Roadblock on leg 2, cause she said to have claustrophobia, and were therefore penalized with a 4 hour penalty.
  3. ^ Caroline & Amberlyn got lost on the Salar de Uyuni along with the camera crew, and were nowhere to be find.
  4. Pierre & Adam refused to check in at the leg 3 Pitstop, cause of the so-called 'leg 3 curse', dropping them to 2nd.
  5. ^ Ciaran & Alana got married in the mine in Bolivia, being the first persons to ever do so. 
  6. ^ Sharon & Bernhard were issued a 30 minute penalty for offering sexual acts and luxury goods as to get money.
  7. ^ During leg 4, teams were so spread out that Pierre & Adam started leg 5 before Ciaran & Alana, Brooke & Hope and Rococo & Vienna arrived in Cape Town.
  8.  ^ Ciaran & Alana wanted to divorce on leg 3, but that went in conflict with the law of South Africa, so they couldn't divorce.
  9. ^  Brooke refused to complete the Roadblock on leg 4, cause she "didn't want to ride on a fluffy, overgrown chicken".
  10. ^ Sharon & Bernhard and Taylor & Carrie were put on the last charter flight for making racist comments to the Gabonese airport crew.
  11. ^  Brooke & Hope used the U-Turn at theirselves, cause they accidently pushed the wrong icon.
  12. ^ Peyton & Andrew tried to U-Turn Pierre & Adam, however, since they were so far ahead that it had no effect.
  13. ^  Brooke refused to complete the Roadblock on leg 7, cause "her lenses dropped out and she couldn't see anything with the smoke".
  14. ^ Sharon was issued a 30 minute penalty for throwing stones at Taylor and her kazun at the Roadblock.
  15. ^ Gaby & Parvati initially arrived fifth, but because Pierre & Adam, Sharon & Bernhard and Taylor & Carrie taught Phil that they saw Parvati cheating on the Roadblock, "We saw them asking some underprivileged kids to help make a mask" (read: being jealous about their awesomeness and lie) they were incurred a 30 minute penalty, dropping them to last.
  16. ^ Everyone quitted the Roadblock on leg 9, however cause Brooke decided to quit the Roadblock without even trying, Brooke & Hope came in first.
  17. ^  Peyton & Andrew initially arrived 3rd, however during the Pitstop, Peyton danced provocative and made sexist movements at an Indian club, resulting in getting arrested by the Indian police force. They were not released before the Pitstart, eliminating them from the race.
  18. ^ Taylor & Carrie initially arrived last and Sharon & Bernhard third, however, because Sharon stole Taylor's harpoon after she'd thrown hers away in the sea, took over the land that Taylor & Carrie had started harvesting at the Detour and tear up Taylor & Carrie's picture with a koala, they were eliminated and Taylor & Carrie replaced there third place.
  19. ^ Ciaran & Alana married during leg 10 in Australia, after they wanted to seal this random second place with something.
  20. ^ Brooke & Hope were issued a 30 minute penalty after they stole the koala from the zoo saying they wanted to take it home as a pet.
  21. ^ Brooke refused to complete the Roadblock on leg 11, saying she didn't need a Hidden Immunity Idol, cause who wanted to vote someone out as bad as her. 
  22. ^ Ciaran & Alana divorced during leg 11, after Alana 'found it very boring that they placed second again, and felt like their marriage would be boring too.
  23. ^ Brooke & Hope initially arrived first at the Finish Line, however cause Brooke refused to complete the Final Roadblock, they were issued a 4 hour penalty.
  24. ^ Pierre & Adam initially arrived first (or second), however cause they wanted to show their awesomeness on a future All-Star season and thought they wouldn't get a chance of getting into it when they won, they let Ciaran & Alana pass at the Finish Line.
  25. ^ Ciaran & Alana married when they won the race, however they divorced 5 minutes later cause they couldn't agree with the cash distrubution.

Episode Title QuotesEdit

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers. In this season, teams who receive the episode title quote, will receive a one wave head start over the other teams.

  1. "I Like Ice Cream, I Don't Like Heights" (Merida, Venezuela) - Karina
  2. "Well You Are The Devil, Can't You Satisfy Yourself?" (Bolivia) - Andrew
  3. "Let's Name Our Ostrich Taylor" (Cape Town, South Africa) - Sharon
  4. "If You Don't Shut Up, I Will Never Marry You Again" (Loango N.P., Gabon) - Alana
  5. "That Girl Doesn't Deserves To Get The Attention Of Getting U-Turned" (Friesland, The Netherlands) - Taylor
  6. "Girl, We Have More First Place Finishes Then People That Live In Your Hometown" (Rovaniemi, Finland) - Pierre (referring to Peyton)
  7. "I'm Not A Dog. No, You're Stupid" (Istria, Croatia) - Peyton/Andrew
  8. "This Tea Is Worse Than They Have At The Shitty Tea Parties Of Our Neighbours" (Ooty, India) - Sharon
  9. "So If I Understand This Good, We Have To Give Our Money To Those Filthy Rich Monks?" (Luang Prabang, Laos) Brooke
  10. "I Can Do Other Things With Knifes Then Cutting Through Plants, Sharon" (Queensland, Australia) - Taylor
  11. "We're Not Here For The Money, We're Here To Show How Easy It Is To Win The Race" (Samoa) - Adam
  12. "Let's Make Random Million Dollar Quotes, Cause That's What People Do In The Final Leg" (Austin, Texas) - Brooke


The prize for each leg is awarded to the first place team for that leg.

  • Leg 1 - The Express Pass – an item that can be used on the race to skip any one task of the team's choosing. This item is good up until the end of leg 8
  • Leg 2 - One way trip for two to Syria
  • Leg 3 - Trip for two to Jersey Shore, New Jersey
  • Leg 4 - Adopting one African child of an orphanage
  • Leg 5 - Trip for two to North Korea
  • Leg 6 - Trip for two to Antarctica
  • Leg 7 - Trip for two to Detroit, Michigan
  • Leg 8 - Trip for two to Northern Mexico
  • Leg 9 - Trip for two to San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Leg 10 - Nordic Walking Sticks
  • Leg 11 - $1 USD
  • Leg 12 - One million dollars

Race SummaryEdit

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 9.13.08 AM

The complete route for this season of The Amazing Race.

Leg 1 (United States → Venezuela)Edit

  • Miami, Florida, United States Flag of the United States.svg (Ancient Spanish Monastery) (Starting Line)
  • Flyicon Miami (Miami International Airport) to El Vigía, Venezuela (Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso Airport)
  • Mérida (Teleférico)
  • Mérida (Heladeria Coromoto) Rb

    Teams rode the Teleférico, the highest cable car in the world, on the first leg of the race.

  • Mérida (Los Aleros) Ps

This leg's Roadblock required team members to search along the approxiametly 1000 ice flavours (a Guiness World Record) in Heladeria Coromoto for the 3 that match the bowls of ice cream they just ate in the Teleférico. The 3 flavours were spaghetti, beer and cheese.

Additional Tasks:

  • At the Starting Line, teams had to look through 200 beauty pageants at a cocktail party, for the one that had the same tiara as Venezuelan Miss World Daniela Di Giacomo. If they had found one, they could hand it over to Daniela for their next clue.
  • At Teleférico, teams had to consume the 3 bowls of ice cream they were going to match at the Roadblock during the time the Teleférico made one ride. If they were finished before the cable car made one ride, they would receive their next clue, if not they had to ride the Teleférico back down the mountain and start over.
  • At Los Aleros, teams had to solve a calculation (Divide the number of ducks in hutches (20) by the number of band players playing in a local band playing (4) and add the total number of couples of salsa dancers dancing (6)) with the answer being the number of goats they had to take half a mile to the Pitstop. If they had the right amount of goats, they could check in, if not they had to make their way back with the goats.

Leg 2 (Venezuela → Bolivia)Edit

  • Flyicon El Vigía (Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso Airport) to La Paz, Bolivia Flag of Bolivia (El Alto International Airport)

    Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world, was the site of this leg's Detour.

  • Bus-logo svg La Paz (El Alto International Airport) to Uyuni (Mercado de Uyuni)
  • Salar de Uyuni (Train Graveyard) Dt
  • Potosi (Cerro Rico Mine) Rb
  • Potosi (Convent de San Francisco) Ps

This leg's Detour was a choice between Salt Block and Salt Truck. In Salt Block, teams had to go to Palacio de Sal, the only salt hotel in the world and stack a salt wall of a new build room of the hotel. In Salt Truck, teams had to go to a Salt Storage and start carving salt out of a wall. Once they thought they'd enough salt, they needed to drive over the salt with a truck. If the grinded salt would reach a designated line, they would receive their next clue.

This leg's Roadblock required teams to satisfy a devil, that is believed to be hidden in the mine. They first had to search a mine cart for a map of the mine and then use the map to find three sacrifices, coca leaves, cigarettes and alcohol. If they sacrificed these sacrifices the right way, they would receive their next clue.

Leg 3 (Bolivia → South Africa)Edit

  • Flyicon Potosi (Potosi Airport) to Cape Town, South Africa Southafricaflag (Cape Town International Airport) (via Viru Viru International Airport)
  • Cape Town (V&A Waterfront)
    • Cape Town (Robben Island) Ff

      Table Mountain was the fourth Pitstop in a race around the world.

  • Cape Town (Mzoli's Place) Dt
  • Cape Town (Cape Point Ostrich Farm) Rb
  • Cape Town (Table Mountain) Ps

In the first Fast Forward of the race teams had to use the provided tools to reassemble the cell room of Nelson Mandela, with a picture as their only reference. If they had placed all the tools on the right places, they could claim the Fast Forward.

This leg's Detour was a choice between Braai or Blow. In Braai, teams had to make their way inside Mzoli's Place. They first had to chop enough wood to get a fire burning. They then had to roast 6 pounds of meat on the braai, a so-called South African barbeque. Finally they needed to consume the 6 pounds of meat, they could however ask the locals to help them. In Blow, teams head to one of three locations in the Mzoli Township, only one team could work at each location. At their location, teams needed to convince people to help in a vuvuzela orchestra, a blow instrument getting famous at the World Cup 2010. If their orchestra would produce a sound of more than 110 Decibel, they would receive their next clue.

This leg's Roadblock required team members to complete two half a mile laps while riding an ostrich. Team members would receive their next clue when completing the second lap.

Leg 4 (South Africa → Gabon)Edit

  • Flyicon Cape Town (Cape Town International Airport) to Libreville, Gabon Gabonflag2 (Libreville International Airport)
  • Flyicon Libreville (Libreville International Airport) to Omboué, Loango National Park (Omboué Airstrip)
  • Loango National Park (Evangué Island) Ff Dt

    Loango National Park was the site of this leg of the race.

  • Loango National Park (Church of Saint Anne) Rb
  • Loango National Park (Lagune Nkomi) Ps

This leg's Fast Forward required teams to make their way to the Projecte Gorille Vernan Vaz, a gorilla orphanage on the island. Teams there had to look into the residence of the gorillas and rank the 10 gorillas, all wearing a necklace with a number, into the correct order from the youngest gorilla to the oldest gorilla. They could claim the Fast Forward when they were right.

This leg's Detour was a choice between two of the things the Gabonese people do with their natural resources, Crab Catch or Fish Trap. In Crab Catch, teams'd to head down to the beach, and only using a pair of gloves as coverage to catch 5 crabs with their hands. In Fish Trap teams must follow another marked path to shore, where they needed to use the provided rocks to create a traditional Gabonese Fish Trap. If their fish trap was ready for usage, the fisherman would hand over their next clue.

In this leg's Roadblock one team member needed to make a traditional Gabonese mask. They needed to head to a nearby mask stand where they need to choose one out of five designs. Once they had chosen a design, they needed to use the provided tools (paint, carving materials) to make the mask. If they had made the mask close alike the original design, the mask maker would hand over their next clue.

Additional Tasks:

  • At Libreville International Airport, teams had to sign-up for one of three charters, leaving at 09:00 A.M., 09:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M. the next morning.

Leg 5 (Gabon → The Netherlands)Edit

  • Flyicon Libreville (Libreville International Airport) to Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands Nll (Schiphol International Airport)

    This leg's Roadblock was to put a ship into a bottle.

  • Enkhuizen (Spuihuisje) Rb
  • Terherne (Ice Skating Club at Sneekermeer) Dt
  • Terherne (De Pier) Uturn
  • Sneek (Waterpoort) Ps

This leg's Roadblock required teams choose one of the miniature ships in the Spuihuisje and put the ship inside the bottle, as the Spuihuisje hosts the biggest collection of ships in bottles in the world. They needed to figure out that the simplest way is to rig the masts of the ship and raise it up when the ship is inside the bottle.

This leg's Detour was a choice between two activities around speed skating, the Netherlands' national sport, having won more medals on the Olympics than any other country, Eleven Towns or Two Skates. In Eleven Towns, teams needed to put on ice skates and skate a miniature version of the Elfstedentocht, the biggest skating competition in the world held around the 11 towns of this province every year. They needed to search the lake for the 11 'towns' (which were posts with the names of the towns) and get a stamp at every 'town'. Once they could show the ice master they'd all 11 stamps, they would receive their next clue. In Two Skates, teams needed to use a traditional grind stone, to sharpen one pair of skates properly. Only when the ice master thought the skates were ready for usage again, they would receive their next clue.

Additional Notes:

  • All teams were brought by charter flight back to Libreville during the Pitstop.

Leg 6 (The Netherlands → Finland)Edit

  • Flyicon Amsterdam (Schiphol International Airport) to Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland Finlandflag2 (Rovaniemi Airport)
  • Rovaniemi (Santa Claus Village - Santa Claus Post Office) Speedbump Dt

    This leg's Detour, Speedbump and U-Turn took place at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland.

  • Rovaniemi (Santa Claus Village - Arctic Circle Line) Uturn
  • Rovaniemi (Lake Olkkajärvi) Rb
  • Rovaniemi (Artikum) Ps

Being spared from elimination, Brooke & Hope had to complete a Speedbump. In this Speedbump they needed to search a bag of letters sent to the Santa Claus, and find a letter that taught them to continue racing.

This leg's Detour was a choice between Reindeer Racing or Gifts Giving. In Reindeer Racing, teams must dress up as Santa and prepare a sleigh by catching six reindeer and tie them up on the sleigh. Once done, teams must ride the sleigh on a half a mile course. During the ride, they have to grab 4 socks, hanging on the trees along the course. They could exchange the socks for their next clue. In Gifts Giving, teams enter Santa Claus Office and get four letters with wish lists of children. They then needed to search through hundreds of presents for the gifts specified on their list, and deliver them to four specified addresses in the village.

In this leg's Roadblock, one team member had to learn the basics of smoke signals, one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication, and pass on the sentence 'Merry Christmas and a happy New Year' to the non-participating team member. If the non-participating member would give the right sentence to the lumberjack, he would hand over their next clue.

Leg 7 (Finland → Croatia)Edit

  • Train Rovaniemi (Rovaniemen rautatieasema) to Helsinki (Helsingin päärautatieasema)
  • Flyicon Helsinki (Helsinki-Vantaa Airport) to Pula, Istria, Croatia Croatialeg (Pula Airport)

    Rovinj, Croatia, was visited on this leg of the race.

  • Pula (Roman Amphitheatre of Pula)
  • Pula (Camp Puntizela) Speedbump Rb
  • Rovinj (Limsky Canal) Dt
  • Rovinj (St. Euphamia Church) Ps

Being spared from elimination, Brooke & Hope had to complete a Speedbump. In this Speedbump Brooke & Hope needed to get to a nearby lavender field and start collecting lavender grains. When they felt they had enough, they need to put the grains in sachets and tie the sachets together as to continue on the race.

In this leg's Roadblock, team members need to build a kazun, a typical Istrian shelter in the fields made of stone only. The local paesants use to keep water and food here while doing their work in the field. When team members had put the Kažun together using the provided stones, and the structure doesn’t fall, the farmer would hand over their next clue.

This leg's Detour was a choice between Truffle Treats or Olive Oil. In Truffle Treats, teams have to hunt for a Istrian delicacy; truffles. Teams first chose one of the dogs. Then, they needed to head into the woods and use the dogs to find the truffles, which they need to collect in a bucket. If they could hand over 100 grams of truffle to the truffle finder, he would hand over their next clue. In Olive Oil, teams head to a nearby olive farm, with Istria being the second most producing region of olive oil. Once there, they needed to use an old olive mill to crunch enough olives to collect 1 liter of olive oil.

Leg 8 (Croatia → Italy  India)Edit

  • Ferry Pula (Port of Pula) to Venice, Veneto, Italy (Port of Venice)
  • Venice (San Marco Square)
  • Flyicon Venice (Venice International Airport) to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India Indiaflag (Coimbatore Airport)

    This leg's Roadblock was based around Ooty's tea industry.

  • Train Coimbatore (Kovai Junction) to Ooty (Ooty railway station)
  • Coonoor (Sims' Park) Dt
  • Ooty (Wax World Ooty)
  • Ooty (Mariamman Temple) Speedbump
  • Ooty (Doddabetta Tea Factory) Rb
  • Ooty (Saint Margaret's House) Ps

This leg's Detour was a choice between two things around the big annual fruit festival in Coonoor, Fruit Ninja or Fruit Artist. In Fruit Ninja, teams need to complete an on the eye easy task, but it may be tricky. They need to get to a marked mango stall, India's national fruit. They there needed to cut a bag of mangos into the "hedgehodge" pattern, which may be tricky cause of the large flat seed inside. Once they have sliced all of the mangos the right way, they would receive their next clue. In Fruit Artist, teams would need to get to a marked fruit stand, and get a picture of a small fruit artwork, commonly seen throughout the festival. They then needed to use the provided fruits to create the artwork to the satisfaction of the fruit artist.

Having been spared elimination, Brooke & Hope had to complete a Speedbump. In this Speedbump, Brooke & Hope had to head inside the temple and perform a ritual of the Mariamman Temple Festival, visited by thousands of devotees from across the country. They had to walk barefoot over burning coal to show their devotion to the goddess. Once they both ran over the 10 meter path of coals, they would receive their next clue.

This leg's Roadblock required one team member to choose one of the green tea pots (transparent, so teams can see the leave) filled with a different tea and then head with the tea pot to the plantations. They there needed to search the plantation for the same leaves that were used in there green tea. If they could fill one of these traditional baskets with enough tea leaves, they would receive their next clue.

Additional Tasks:

  • During the Pitstop, teams were brought by ferry from Pula to Venice, and teams started the leg at the San Marco Square.
  • The clue after the Detour instructed teams 'to find Mahatma Gandhi for their next clue', referring to the wax statue of him in Wax World Ooty.

Leg 9 (India → Laos)Edit

  • Train Ooty (Ooty railway station) to Coimbatore (Kovai Junction)
  • Flyicon Coimbatore (Coimbatore Airport) to Luang Prabang, Laos Flaglaos (Luang Prabang Airport)
  • Luang Prabang (Wat Xieng Thong)

    This leg's Roadblock took place at the Plain of Jars.


    One of the Detours in Laos was creating a swing like this one.

  • Luang Namtha (Akha Village) Dt
  • Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars) Rb
  • Luang Prabang (Pak Ou Caves) Ps

This leg's Detour was a choice between two activities commonly done by the Akha people, Full Body Massage or Full Body Labor. Full Body Massage required teams to get to this small massage shop and learn the basics of a Akha massage, a typical feminine activity that benefit to husbands and guests. When they think they have learnt the basics, both team members must take over one of the clients (while the masseur was already busy with the client), and when the client doesn't notice their is another masseur for 10 minutes, the masseur will hand over their next clue. In Full Body Labor, teams had to make their way to the centre of the village and use the provided bamboo sticks, wood and rope to create a tall four-posted village swing which is used in an annual ancestor offering related to the fertility of rice, called an Dzoeuh Mah. They have to bound the 4 bamboo sticks together and put the ropes below to create the swing. (picture)

In this leg's Roadblock, team members must search the thousands of jars on the plain of jars for one of ten that has a clue inside.

Additional Tasks:

  • At the breaking dawn, teams had to perform the ritual where people give alms to the thousands of monks. After all the monks had passed and they had given their alms, they would all receive their next clue.

Leg 10 (Laos → Australia)Edit

  • Flyicon Luang Prabang (Luang Prabang Airport) to Cairns, Queensland, Australia Ausflag (Cairns International Airport)

    Teams visited the world famous Great Barrier Reef for this leg's Roadblock.

  • Kuranda (Kuranda Koala Gardens)
  • Port Douglas (Great Barrier Reef) Rb
  • Mossman (Mossman Gorge) Dt
  • Cape Tribulation (Alexandra Range lookout) Ps

In this leg's Roadblock team members were given a picture of a specific specie of fish. Team members then head to use a harpoon, a traditional Australian fishing tool, to catch that exact same fish specie.

This leg's Detour was a choice between two things involving the sugarcane industry around Mossman, Cane Cut or Cane Juice. In Cane Cut, teams had to head to this sugar cane field, and using a knife, cut all the sugar cane plants till the ground on a thirty square meter, like it's traditionally done for the harvest. In Cane Juice, teams first headed to a sugar cane field, then collected as much sugar cane as they can and ran half a mile to a sugar cane factory, where teams had to put it in a sugar cane juice machine. Once they'd collected enough sugar cane to fill two glaces of sugar cane juice, they would drink the juice to receive their next clue.

Additional Tasks:

  • At the Kuranda Koala Gardens, teams needed to take a picture with a Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera with the other team member and a koala, which would have their next clue at the back.

Leg 11 (Australia → Samoa)Edit

  • Flyicon Cairns (Cairns International Airport) to Apia, Upolu, Samoa Samoaflag (Faleolo International Airport)

    One side of the Detour had teams completing a traditional Samoan fire dance.

  • Apia (Papase'ea Sliding Rocks)
  • Lefaga Village Dt
  • Lefaga Village (Return to Paradise Beach) Rb
  • Taga Village, Savai'i (Alofaaga Blowing Holes) Ps

This leg's Detour was a choice between two traditions in Samoa, Fire or Prior. In Prior, teams have to prepare the Ava Ceremony, one of the most important customs of the Samoa Islands involving a solemn ritual where a ceremonial beverage is shared to mark most important occasions in Samoan society. Teams have to use the provided wood, coconuts and tools to create two items, essential for this ceremony, the tanoa, the bowl in which the drink is prepared, made of wood, the ipu tau ´ava, the cup used for distributing the ´ava, made from the half shell of a ripe coconut. If they have finished, they need to place the items on the right place in the ceremony, so it can start and each consume a bowl of ´ava to receive their next clue. In Fire, teams had to perform a Samoan fire dance, teams would choose a set of knives, set them ablaze, and then learn a traditional Samoan dance. Once their judges were satisfied with their workings, they would receive their next clue.

In this leg´s Roadblock teams had to use the provided clues to find a HII somewhere hidden on the beach. Once they found it, it would reveal their next clue. (this is the filming location of Survivor: Samoa, the clues would be the same as Survivor: Samoa, since they weren't too hard)

Additional Tasks:

  • At the Papase'ea Sliding Rocks, teams had to slide down the rocks, who created a natural water slide, to receive their next clue.
  • The Hidden Immunity Idol told teams to get on board of one of these helicopters, who would take them to the Pitstop the Alofaaga Blowing Holes.

Leg 12 (Samoa → United States)Edit

  • Flyicon Apia (Faleolo International Airport) to Austin, Texas, United States (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)
  • Austin (Texas State Capitol)

    The final Roadblock of the race took place at the Cathedral of Junk, a collection of all sorts of things.

  • Austin (Congress Avenue Bridge) 
  • Austin (Travis County Expo Center)
  • Austin (Cathedral of Junk) Rb
  • Austin (Zilker Park) Ps

The last Roadblock of this race required one team member to search through the gigantic junk of items that is the Cathedral of Junk, for one item depicting each leg of the race. There was however one catch, there was one item of leg 1, two items of leg 2, three items of leg 3 etc. Team members had to collect all the items to receive their final clue. The items were one tiara (leg 1), two salt blocks (leg 2), three vuvuzelas (leg 3), four Gabonese masks (leg 4), five ice skates (leg 5), six gifts (leg 6), seven sachets of lavender (leg 7), eight mangos (leg 8), nine Amazing Race clues in a jar (leg 9),  ten harpoons (leg 10), eleven hidden immunity idols (leg 11) and twelve ropes (leg 12)

Additional Tasks:

  • At Congress Avenue Bridge, teams had to get into a boat, row out under the bridge, known as world's largest urban bat colony, and collect enough bat poop to fill a bucket. Once they did so, they would receive their next clue.
  • The first clue told teams to make their way to the largest state capitol of the United States and find their clue there.
  • Teams were told to make their way to 'not a good bridge', referring to the Congress Avenue Bridge, nicknamed as Bat Bridge, cause of the huge colony of bats living under the bridge.
  • At Travis County Expo Center, teams had to participate in a form of rodeo: team roping. The goal of team roping is that both team grab a rope and together catch a young steer. Once they did so, they would receive their next clue.
  • The final clue told teams to make their way to the place where everything happens during the summer, referring to Zilker Park, hosting the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Annual Summer Musical, Freedom Festival and Fireworks and the Zilker Park Kite Festival.